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There are over 45,000 Bruce Roberts designed boats cruising the world so it is very natural that we often receive requests for updated plans for our designs that were built by other than the current owner.   We are always willing to assist those who have bought our boats in good faith and now would like a set of the original, often updated plans so that they can carry out proper maintenance on the boats and also supply copies of the plans to the relevant authority when required to do so.

We offer these SPECIAL OWNER PLANS to those that require them at a very low cost … if may not be your fault that you did not get the plans with the boat so we want to help and make sure your boat is on our plan register for future reference. 

For just 199.00 - us$249.00 -€229.00 - A$359 (Way below the original cost of the plans) we will supply you with the complete plans and bonus sheets as well as corrections and current updates on the plans.  See below as to what you receive


You can order the plans by CREDIT or DEBIT CARD using this link:


199.00 - us$249.00 -€229.00 - A$359



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HERE is what you will receive:

You need a set of suitable boat plans including patterns. Below is listed what our design office supplies in this regard. With the advent of modern computer yacht design we have been able to offer the complete plans on USB. The benefit of receiving your plans in this way is that you can have as many prints made of each sheet as you may need.

You will receive the latest updated version of your selected boat plan, this is only possible when you order your plans direct from the designer including all the detailed drawings necessary to repair all parts of your boat.

Below is listed what we consider to be a complete set of plans and full size patterns to enable you to build your boat with the minimum time spent in doubt as to how and what to do next!

1A All sail plans ( Sailboats ) plus these sheets cover the boats general arrangement drawings, profile and plan views of the hull, the deck and superstructure plus the deck plan.  In the case of sailboats, the sail plan and measurements is usually included on these sheets.

Sheet 1AA. (There may be several sheets covering various versions of the same design). Boat Accommodation laid out and shown in plan and profile views. The several versions of the one design are shown on separate sheets. Also included is a list for all the materials needed to build the hull deck and superstructure.
Sheet 2. Boat Lines plan, show hull sections, profile including all water and buttock lines, plan view including all water lines and buttock lines. All frame spacing, stern or transom detail keel measurements, rudder and skeg should all be included and all dimensions are clearly shown.

Sheet 3. This sheet will be a reduced drawing, representing what you can expect to see, when you lay out the full size boat hull patterns. We call this sheet the key to full size patterns; it acts as a key when arranging the hull patterns and will enable you to readily understand just what the patterns contain. This sheet will help you to resist the temptation of trying to lay out the patterns on your living room floor.

Sheet 4. On this sheet you are shown how the frames were manufactured and assembled, plus form up the stem and other parts of the basic framework. This sheet also shows how to set up all these items on a strong back or a system of bed-logs. The above forms the shape of your hull.

Sheet 5. This sheet will show the installation of the stringers and deck shelf plus installing the plating in metal boats. In the case of radius chine boats additional information is supplied on installing these plates.

Sheet 6. Now the boat is upright and this sheet covers the inside of the hull, and shows the installation of the floor webs, bulkheads, engine beds, and all interior stiffeners for your boat.

Sheet 7. This sheet may show detail of the various items not covered in sheet 6. Often it takes two or more sheets to cover webs, bulkheads.

Sheet 8. This is the engineering sheet that covers the engine installation, locating and building the fuel and water tanks plus making the rudder. Also included are details on making the stern and rudder tubes plus propeller shaft detail. Stanchions swim platforms and similar items may also be on this sheet.

Sheet 9. This sheet shows details the forming and installation of deck beams, side decks, foredeck, aft deck, cockpit construction and all deck framing detail of your boat design.

Sheet 10. Patterning and making the cabin sides cabin front etc. In the case of the cabin sides the measurements should be adequate to enable you to make up a plywood pattern and trial fit before cutting the actual cabin side plates.

Sheet 11. This sheet covers such items as, deck fittings, additional rudder construction etc.

Sheet 12.  Electrical schematics.

Sheet 13.  Plumbing schematics.

 Sheet 14.  Exhaust systems.

Sheet 15.  Tank construction.

 Sheet 15.  Anode sizes and placement.

Sheets 16 to 23 ...Full size patterns,  A, B C, D, E, F, G & H These are the pattern sheets that are laid together wall-paper fashion. The full size patterns contain details of all frame shapes, stem, deck and cabin top cambers etc.

Also is included  1,400 Page e-book with STEP by STEP building instructions and PHOTOGRAPHS to show you how your boat was built.

The price of the plans includes as much consultation with the designer as YOU feel necessary to help you successfully complete the project....the offer 'CALL BRUCE ANYTIME' is not made lightly. You can CALL or
EMAIL BRUCE ANYTIME for advice on your boat building project.

Bruce Roberts-Goodson