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Bruce Roberts-Goodson

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Gwenda Roberts-Goodson

(Flybridge removed for cruising European canals etc.)

Hi Bruce and Gwenda

Well, here is ANOTHER Happy Home Builder of your WR 44.  I bought my boat plans from you in 2001 and spent the next 8 years building our boat out of American White Oak, Marine ply and epoxy.  The hull is encased in 2 layers of 850 gram Quadraxial Epoxy glass.  I fitted 2 x 135HP Perkins 6 cyl natural aspirated diesels and she cruises beautifully at 8 knots at 1600 rpm. All the work was done by my wife and I except for the sanding and fairing.
The boat was built mainly for the rivers and canals of Europe.  We shipped her to Rotterdam from Durban (South Africa) in June 2010 and cruised to Amsterdam to see my family (I was born there).  From there via the Bergse Maas to Maastricht, Namur, Mons, Tournai, Gent to Zeebrugge where she is out of the water for the winter.  We are returning in April 2011 to collect her and carry on cruising through to France via Paris down to the Soane.  Then we will fly home to SA for the winter.
We are delighted with the design which can cruise most of the canals of Europe as well as the Med.  One can even go down the Rhine, across to the Danube, come out at the Black Sea via Istanbul, the Greek Islands, back to the Rhone and France. This size boat would be ideal for this kind of trip.  I am now 66, so can dream on!!........We are enclosing some photos to show off our boat and your excellent design. Kind regards, Bob and Margie de Boer South Africa

Waverunner 44
Planing or Semi-Displacement hull - Steel, Fiberglass or Wood / Epoxy

Over 250 examples of this design are already in service around the world . You can build the Waverunner 44 in either Ezi-build fibreglass, steel or aluminium. The complete boat plans and full size patterns are very detailed and any competent handyman can assemble the boat from our boat plans. Both semi displacement and planing version full size patterns are available.

FROM PROFESSIONAL BUILDER IN SPAIN: Referring to Waverunner 44 in wood /epoxy, the detail of the boat plans for its construction has favourably surprised us, really we are most thankful. At the beginning of October we will begin its construction, we will inform you of our progress . Regards, Jose Fernandez Dominguez

L.O.D. 13.60 m 44'   9"
L.W.L. 12.50 m 41'   2"
BEAM 4.65 m 15'   3"
DRAFT 1.00 m 3'   3"
POWER 250  to   1,000 hp



CUSTOMIZED  Waverunner 44

This aft cockpit version of the Waverunner 44 is customized by changing window arrangement to give the boat a more contemporary appearance - If you are interested in this new version then please contact the designer for more information.



Just one suggested accommodation layout is shown, you can choose your own !



Waverunner 44A

Aft cockpit version of the Waverunner 44

This aft cockpit version is popular with those who want a walk-out salon / aft deck all on the same level.

Waverunner 44A

Aft cockpit version and just one of the possible layouts that can be arranged for this versatile family cruising powerboat

Waverunner 44B

Aft cabin version of the Waverunner 44


Waverunner 44B

Aft cabin version and one of the possible layouts that can be arranged for this versatile family cruising powerboat

WR44-P1.jpg (23932 bytes) Waverunner 44B

Aft cabin version B. This seems to be the most popular arrangement for this popular design.

wr44-p2.jpg (33773 bytes) Waverunner 44B

Salon - Showing command station starboard side - you can see many  more photographs of the Waverunner 44 included in the study boat plans on DOWNLOAD or on CD - YOU CHOOSE DOWNLOAD OR CD. . .
- see above for details.

WR44-P3.jpg (24473 bytes) Waverunner 44B

Salon - Port Side - there are many  more photographs of the Waverunner 44 included in the study boat plans on DOWNLOAD or on CD - YOU CHOOSE DOWNLOAD OR CD. . .
- see above for details.

Waverunner 44B

Another Waverunner 44 - this one built in Russia.

Waverunner 44

Seating can be arranged on the Flybridge and also on the aft deck or aft cabin top of the B version

Waverunner 44B

General view of main salon

Waverunner 44

Command station on flybridge.

Waverunner 44

This steel Waverunner 44 that was built in Oman as a Fisheries Patrol vessel, is one of many examples of this design. The hull is shown here to illustrate the planing flats of the chine that are necessary to help these larger steel boats up onto a plane.

Waverunner 44B

These photos were taken from a poor quality
photo-copy but still show the style of this design.

Hi Bruce,  As always, thanks once again for the prompt and well explained answers - I'm starting to get a really good picture in my mind of how it's all going to come together.  Regards Graham

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