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EURO 1600 UPDATE.  Euro 1600 P - Planing hull that can be built in Steel,  Aluminum or Fiberglass.

The Euro 1600 was originally designed as a Semi-Displacement  Motor Yacht for construction in Aluminum or Steel. 

The CUTTING FILES and plans were developed in our design office and many pre-cut kits and cutting file packages have been supplied to builders world-wide.  This Semi-Displacement version is best operating at speeds of between 12 and16 knots.

Recently we were approached by a Russian boat builder who had already built one of our Euro 2600 Motor Yachts and who now had a client looking for a 16m steel power boat with planing capabilities and which could attain speeds of 25 knots +.

Based on our wide experience of designing planing hulls we have now developed the new Euro 1600 P which can with suitable power, best be operated at speeds from 18 – 30 knots. 

In line with the Russian clients requirements,  this new hull has a slightly longer waterline, larger swim platform and the superstructure has be re-styled as shown on bove and in the drawings that come with the updated plans.

The 1600 P is ideal for building in marine aluminum or fiberglass as well as the original steel building material and cutting files and plans are now available for this new Euro 1600 P design.

Further information is available via the STUDY PLANS.

NOTE: We now have an excellent set of construction photos plus many photos of completed EURO 1600 that are available with the STUDY PLAN PACKAGES

NEW ! SUPER STUDY BOAT PLANS ... Delivered by DOWNLOAD to your computer plus we will send you a USB Memory stick with many extra drawings and photos. The study plans have lists of materials & equipment etc & these will be useful in costing out the complete boat. Each STUDY PLAN contains ALL the construction drawings for each material - STEEL, ALUMINUM, FIBERGLASS as applicable to the particular boat plan - with up to 25 sheets per plan!  Lists of materials - Technical information - Numerous construction drawings are all included. You can view & print the drawings in full or in sections. BUILDING PHOTOS are included in the study plan package. PLUS you receive a FREE (value 79.95) e-book BUILD YOUR OWN BOAT ..  STEP BY STEP KIT ASSEMBLY PHOTOS INCLUDED WITH THE STUDY PLANS & CUTTING FILES

STUDY PLAN EURO 1600 ALL VERSIONS us$95.75 - 59.95 - €84.85     

Please note that when you receive your credit or debit card statement the amount will be converted to YOUR local currency.
When you order study plans please note that if you order ANY complete set of plans and full size patterns OR Plans with Cutting files , you may deduct the cost of the Study Plans from the purchase price of the complete plans package. Just EMAIL BRUCE to claim your special discount.

SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER: PLANS & CUTTING FILES... Delivered by DOWNLOAD to your computer plus we will send you a USB Memory stick with many extra drawings and photos.  The plans have all the information you need to build your own boat.. Each plan contains all the construction drawings for STEEL or ALUMINUM or FIBERGLASS construction, plus bonus drawings covering electrical, plumbing and engineering, everything you need to build your boat. Plus you will receive a DETAIL FOLIO showing how to make many of your own boat fittings, lists of materials and equipment are all included plus all technical information, numerous construction drawings and written building instructions are all included. You can view & print the drawings in full or in sections. BUILDING PHOTOS are included in the plan package. PLUS you receive a FREE (value 79.95) e-book BUILD YOUR OWN POWER BOAT .. Only available at this price if you order off this page. 

PLANS & CUTTING FILES  EURO 1600  995 - $1,495 - €1,355   

EURO 1600 STEEL KIT or boat plans & CUTTING FILES Plus NEW CUSTOM 1600 P .. Aluminum or Fiberglass.
Stylish Motor Yacht designed with the family or entertaining in mind, this mid size motor yacht will find many admirers. The powerboat building kit comes complete with internal stairs and steps leading down to the swim platform.

Developed from the proven Waverunner 52 and measuring 54 feet this motor yacht is for the serious cruiser or 'live-aboard' and also makes an ideal corporate vessel. The Euro 1600 may be powered by with single engine (with optional "take home engine" ) or Twins ... the offshore semi-displacement hull is capable of cruising at around 10 to 14 kts when powered with single 350 hp or twin 200 hp to 250 horse power engines. This design is well suited for extended cruising with in absolute luxury .... This is one of our very popular powerboat designs available in kit form ... over 20 sold to date.

This is now a WELL PROVEN design with many examples with already in service in all parts of the world.

This boat is designed in accordance with Lloyds  for category 1 (unrestricted operating / sailing area), which is much better than the EU and other Classification Societies and the  CE-A require. Complete stability calculations are included in the design package. All calculations are also cross referenced against ABS requirements to ensure that the design meets world-wide standards and specifications.

In the case of KITS, all plate parts belonging to the hull, deck and superstructure that are accurately cut to size are included. The parts are marked with the appropriate part number and engraved matching marking lines to assist in the assembly and location of the part in its position. Cutting method is Plasma / Oxygen, ensuring highest accuracy and smooth edges.
Plate parts are cut from Lloyds approved A Grade Shipbuilding quality STEEL that has been coated with factory applied Sigma weld MC welding primer.  We use and recommend steel plate that has the official designation ISO standard 10474 or EN 10204 with 3.1.B certificate.
LOA 53'   09" 16.37m
LWL 45'   06" 13.88m
BEAM 17'   09" 5.47m   
DRAFT 4'   00" 1.20m

EURO 1600

Euro 1600 nearly completed and ready to leave the paint shop.

EURO 1600

Euro 1600 nearly completed and ready to leave the paint shop.

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EURO 1600
The circular staircase is part of the kit and is a feature of several of our motor yacht and trawler kits.

NOTE FROM BUILDER:  Bruce, Thank you for sending along the DOWNLOAD or on USB
. . .
.  It is very helpful. 
Several outstanding questions were answered.  I appreciate your help.  My son and I just

completed putting on the first coat of paint on the hull.  We are going to do a bit of  fairing work, paint again and eventually take it to a professional

painter for the finish work.  I'll send you some pictures a little later in the summer.     Regards Jim Fox


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EURO 1600
Engine beds and bottom stringers in position.


EURO 1600
Built from a Bruce Roberts STEEL KIT
EURO 1600
Built from a Bruce Roberts STEEL KIT
EURO 1600
Built from a Bruce Roberts STEEL KIT


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EURO 1600

EURO 1600 – Sweet Sixteen
First sea trials: 
Trials today went very well and all navigation equipment is now calibrated and tested. All in perfect working order and the possibilities with the Simrad system are endless, she runs and handles beautifully.

We took "Sweet Sixteen" to some wider and deeper water and of course tested her manoeuvring / tracking / emergency stop and speed in the process. With a current of 2 Kn she does on the main engine 11 - 12 Kn down-current with headwind of 6 Bf and 10.5 Kn up-current at 2600 RPM. 

Main engine is Iveco 8210-SRM45-10,  6 cylinder 13,8 L 450 HP.

Aux engine is Iveco 8041-M09 4 cylinder 95 Hp  

The wake at the up-current speed of 10 Kn, just perfect. Her turning circle is 20 m diameter at full rudder at 8 Kn speed.

Emergency stop on the main engine from 8 Kn till 0 is not more then 20 meters, which is extremely good for this 35 ton lady. She tracks perfect, except when reversing the main engine at full throttle which causes her to break-out sideways (due to the auxiliary engine-prop) but once aware of this it’s very easy to compensate by using the rear-thruster.

The emergency / take home engine pulls out a speed of 5 Kn down-current and 4,2 Kn up current. Still very good and serves its purpose.

Not shown on the pictures but we had several large Rhine barges, overloaded as usual causing their usual wake of sometimes 1 m height but Sweet Sixteen is not bothered. No rolling, very little pitching and we all (6 persons) stood and staid without support on the flybridge.

EURO 1600

Standard flybridge layout - can be varied to suit your requirements.

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EURO 1600

Standard salon and control station  layout - can be varied to suit your requirements.

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E16-P7.jpg (27581 bytes)

EURO 1600

Standard accommodation layouts - can be varied to suit your requirements.

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EURO 1600

Euro 1600 being assembled in Egypt from one of our kits. Dear Bruce, Having gone through about 50% of assembly work on my boat , I find it very important to offer you, and everyone who took part in the design and cutting files my sincerest congratulations for making this beautiful piece of art come to reality. Words cannot fully express how enjoyable and easy you made it for me to assemble this beauty with the utmost accuracy. Congratulations and thank you. Mahmoud


Passenger or Crew Boat version


June 2004 Hi Bruce, The build out of my Euro 16 is coming along.  Progress has been a bit slow because of my work schedule.  I expect the boat will be launched sometime in 2005.  I am enjoying the building process and don't want to finish the job too fast.  Hal in your Annapolis office has been very helpful.  The prints he sent along showing the engine room and other parts of the boat have really helped. I'll send along some pictures.  I promise. Jim Fox - See photos of Jim's boat in the study plan package on USB
EURO 1600

"My boat kit arrived in very good condition.  Lots of steel!  Nicely packed.  The assembly looks very straight forward. Should be fun. I would like a price quote on windows for the Euro 16 M....Regards Jim

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26 M (shown). These boats are available as pre-cut hulls or part or completely built. NEW Custom Motor Yachts...72 ft / 22M, 75 ft / 23M, 85 ft complete boats or as Semi-custom boat plans and patterns. Varied hulls types based on Semi-displacement or planing hull configurations are available. Numerous different accommodation layouts are possible.

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