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Bruce Roberts-Goodson


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Gwenda Roberts-Goodson

This Spray 27 was build in wood by a German sailor.

Spray 27 Trailerable ... boat plans include Gaff rig . Bermudian rig . Junk rig
There are over 5,000 Sprays already sailing world wide plus over 1,000 currently being built from our boat plans and kits. We have been willing to listen to every combination of idea's about this wonderful boat and several layouts have been drawn. Many of these features are interchangeable between the various versions.

After several builders asked for a trailerable stretched version of the Spray 22, we produced the Spray 27.....This boat is incredibly popular ... over 300 sailing world-wide. There are two basic layouts - either regular or pilot house - and either can be rigged with a gaff sail plan or as a Bermudan sloop. Both regular Trunk cabin and Pilot house versions are included with the boat plans.

L.O.D. 8.23 m 27'   0"
L.W.L. 6.55 m 21'   6"
BEAM 2.59 m 8'   6"
DRAFT 0.84 m 2'   9"
AUX PWR   10 hp
Trailerable Weight 1,500 kg 3,306 lb
Loaded Displacement 1,825 kg 4,023 lb

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Spray 27
Version A  (Standard Coach House)

Gaff sloop shown. Bermudian Sloop & Junk rig also included with boat plans & study boat plans.

Here we see the profile and plan view of the accommodation. Other layouts are possible and many builders make changes to suit their own particular requirements.

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Spray 27
Version A  (Standard Coach House)

Here is another rig that will suit this boat ... the junk rig is very popular with Spray owners who report that the rig is easy to handle and performs well on their Spray.


Spray 27
Version A  (Standard Coach House) 

Hi Bruce, I wanted to let you know that this afternoon I launched my Spray 27  right here in Iowa & I did it all by myself. Properly enough I named her PERSEVERANCE. Next comes the engine test, then we are putting up the sails, and she is heading for South Florida. Thank you  Art Cruz

Spray 27
Version A  (Standard Coach House)

Hi, Bruce:  In September 1999 I had the transom plate rolled and it was the first plate I  tacked on my boat (27 Spray). Well, I would like to let you know that yesterday July 22  I finally finished welding the whole hull. Considering I left for last the keel plate I had a professional welder finished it. It looks real strong. Now I can concentrate in sanding the hull and prime it so I can roll it over. Maybe two weeks. Thank you for your support...Art 

Spray 27
Version A  (Standard Coach House)

Another gaff rigged Spray 27 .. this particular owner is very pleased with his boat and particularly likes the gaff rig.

Spray 27 Version A  (Standard Coach House)

Spray 27
Version B  WOOD EPOXY (Pilot House)


Greetings, Bruce.

My name is Igor. I am a Russian architect. Excuse for the bad English as this is an electronic translation. I live in Siberia near to beautiful big lake Baikal. I very much wanted to construct a boat and 4 years ago I found on the Internet the description of your Spray 27.

You have sent me drawings by e-mail. I have a little changed the project. 2 years proceeded construction. The hull - metal, with a  wooden cabin. I have named her *Mobi Dick*. In August 2006 I and my wife of 2 weeks travelled across Baikal.

On travel the boat has very much liked me. She is reliable. She is not overloaded with sails. Allows me to operate alone. Long Keel is super. She goes against a wind! Many friends have become interested in this project and now 3 more hulls are in work. I want to thank you for the successful project. Best regards! Igor V.Logvanov. SEE MORE PHOTOS OF THIS BOAT IN STUDY boat plans PACKAGE

Spray 27
Version B  (Pilot House)

One competent computer operator who was also a  Spray 27 builder wanted get a better idea of how his boat would look !

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Spray 27
Version B  (Pilot House)

Here we see the profile and plan view of the version B accommodation. Other layouts are possible and many builders make changes to suit their own particular requirements.

Spray 27
Version B  (Pilot House)

Dan Aadland's building of his Spray  27 in Wood Epoxy

The lifelong desire to sail has prompted my present (major) project, a Spray 27 cutter designed by Bruce Roberts. This is the second smallest of his Spray series and the larger of the two trailerable ones. A multi-chine plywood design, the cutter can be built with either Marconi or gaff rigs and in either pilot house or conventional sailboat configuration. Luckily, decisions on those two matters need not be made until bulkheads are installed, so I have a while yet to decide.
I made two modifiCATAMARANions.

First, the Sprays have a conventional transom which turns to vertical for the upper one foot. I kept the taper of the transom all the way aft, which will increase cockpit (or lazarette) space and overall length (to about 28'). The shape is more pleasing to my eye. Secondly, I am building the hull with a modified stitch-and-glue or, more accurately, epoxy chine method. I’ve built the hull over the same temporary frames specified but eliminating the chine logs and instead edge-gluing the plywood panels with filled epoxy. The hull is roughed in and when fibreglasses will be turned over with the temporary frames still supporting it. At that point the fillets of filled epoxy will be installed inside as the chines. This modifiCATAMARANion was done with the blessings of Mr. Roberts himself, incidentally.

A Spring ‘99 Update: I completed the planking, built up the keel with fir, and built a steel ballast box to be later filled with lead and thickened resin.  This ballast box, still empty, was fitted into place and the wooden keel laminated up around it.   Then I removed it to be bolted in position later with the hull upright.  I also loCATAMARANed an old-but-good Yanmar 8h.p. diesel, the old horizontal cylinder model, and purchased it for later installation.
  A stern view of the hull, now covered with 6 oz. fiberglass cloth set in epoxy resin.  (Much sanding and fairing remains before it will be ready for paint.)   To turn the hull we had, naturally, a party.  Two heavy Polly ropes were run from the ends of the trusses on each side of our pole shed, under the hull (but over the building form), then to cable-type “come-along's.”  To protect the hull we padded the area with tires and also put foam pipe insulation over the ropes.  Then we cranked on the come-alongs until the hull lifted off the form. We lifted the hull until it went over gently onto the ropes.  Then everyone quickly skidded the building form forward out of the way.  Then we pushed the hull back onto the concrete building platform and blocked it.

Final positioning of the hull was easy, and with this nice old-fashioned straight keel design, the hull ended up dead level with the waterline (as shown by the marks on the temporary frames still inside).  Emily and I posed in front of our sailboat to be, then she posed me by the stern.  We’re tentatively planing to name the boat Sjo Hest, “sea horse” in Norwegian, a marriage of our Scandinavian heritage and our preoccupation with the world of horses.  Hopefully it will take us over the waters of Puget Sound and the Sea of Cortez. Watch this space for more on the building of Dan Aadland's Spray 27

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Setting up the frames

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Ballast keel section is being welded

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Ballast keel in position; will be removed after
 completing lamination of the wooden sections.

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Hull ready for turn-over

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Dan and Emily Aadland

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