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Bruce Roberts-Goodson

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Gwenda Roberts-Goodson

Roberts 36 B  - built in Canada

This design is a well proven world cruiser as over 200 are currently sailing in different parts of the world and the reports are excellent. It can be rigged as a cutter or ketch and different layouts are available.

You can build the Roberts 36 in Multi Chine Steel or Aluminium . The complete boat plans package include many sheets of large-scale drawings, plus full-size patterns for the hull, deck and cabin top beams, etc.

L.O.D. 11.20 m 36'    9"
L.W.L. 8.76 m 28'    9"
BEAM 3.35 m 11'    0"
DRAFT (lead ballast)   4'    0"
  (scrap steel ballast)   4'    9"
DISPL. (Fg or Wood)   14,750 lb
  (steel)   18,000 lb
BALLAST   6,275 lb
AUX. PWR   20 TO 33 hp

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Roberts 36 Version B

Here we see the Roberts 36 fitted with the ketch rig as per the boat plans.  Other rigs are possible including the junk rig.

Dear Mr Roberts-Goodson,  I’ve attached a few photos of my father’s Roberts 36 in case you want some more shots to post on your website, and just to show you another result of one of your designs. This is probably a typical email for your inbox, but I reckon “Alcazar” is great proof that a family build doesn’t necessarily mean an amateur finish! (Biased and proud!)  

The Alcazar Story: My father, uncles and grandfather bought the beginnings of a Roberts 36 hull in a rough shed in Kaiapoi, New Zealand. Over the next 7 years they finished the hull in glass, flipped it over and poured time and effort inside it – mostly on one evening and a Sunday morning each week. Slow perhaps, but not bad for a Dentist, a Doctor, a Physio and a Pilot who were all raising families and building homes and businesses at the same time! The cutter rigged yacht was launched on 27Sep1986 in the Kaiapoi River and christened “Alcazar.” 

You’ll be able to tell from the photos that a few minor modifiCATAMARANions were made above the gunwale: A gentle extension to 37 feet, a safe centre cockpit allowed for a roomy stern cabin and very practical stern deck, the boom was extended to allow a full tent over the cockpit when anchored up in the rain, and the mainsheet was modelled on the Cornish 3-point block/tackle approach to eliminate a traveller and simplify mainsheeting for family use. Down below, the theme of family-use continued with the ceiling height slightly raised to allow for the men over 6 feet, the Heads were moved athwart the engine and closer to the main hatch, and all bunks allow 6’6” length.

The whole interior of the boat was finished in Kauri (a native NZ timber) after a local grain mill closed and century-old Kauri timber was available at NZ$200 a trailer load. Without knowing the later explosion of Kauri value, even the joinery framing ended up as honey-coloured Kauri. The odd effect on the main bulkheads are from 100years of barley running down kauri chutes and polishing the grain of the wood. With twin forepeak berths, a droppable table to make a double berth plus single berth plus pilot berth in the main cabin, and room for 2 (or more if they’re the grandkids) in the stern cabin, makes for 7-9 sleeping – damn near best-in-class for a boat this size! The family did all the build themselves, with the odd use of local town expertise (e.g. welding and upholstery) and a fair amount of referral to 10 years worth of yachting magazines. 

A marinised 40horse Perkins was installed above a Volvo saildrive unit, and above deck the genoa is roller furled with a slab-reef main and hanked staysail. Normal engine cruising is 6 knots and sailing will see a glorious 7knots – although moments of adrenaline have seen 8.5kts. She sails with a wonderfully comfy manner: the extra in the main (from the longer boom) tends to gently round her up when she’s overpowered although use of the staysail counters this. Helm tends to be comfortingly solid but not heavy and she is very predictable when sailing or berthing.

Over the years the boat has been in regular use in NZ’s Marlborough Sounds. (Normally about 4-8 weeks a year.) Apart from rebuilding the rudder skeg last year, the boat has held together wonderfully and endured through large seas and burning sun. I had my teeth cut on her and have gone on to 2 Fastnets and a win at New York yacht club regatta 2007 (Albeit in yachts containing a bit more carbon!), but few things on the water beats cruising away on our Roberts 36. 

Alcazar is now solely owned by my parents who are starting to train the next generation as the grandchildren turn up on the dock each summer. Cheer for designing a great yacht! Kind regards,
Will Blackie (On behalf of Al Blackie – builder and owner of Alcazar)  Kaiapoi, New Zealand

PHOTO ON LEFT: This is just one of many Roberts 36 B's currently in service world-wide.  Many have completed circumnavigations and others have crossed every ocean some more than once.



Roberts Dinghy
Build in Fiberglass, Plywood or Aluminum

FREE with every set of boat plans and frame patterns you will receive boat plans and full size patterns for the Roberts Dinghy that you can build in fiberglass, plywood or aluminum as shown below.

SUPER STUDY boat plans -  up to THREE STUDY boat plans ON DOWNLOAD or on CD - These new study boat plans have lists of materials & equipment required to build and equip your boat ... these lists will help you to cost out the complete building project. Each DOWNLOAD or on CD - YOU CHOOSE DOWNLOAD OR CD. . . contains - ALL the drawings of your choices of ONE or TWO or THREE boat plans with up to 25 sheets per plan!

Technical information and Performance graphs are included for many designs. PLEASE indiCATAMARANe the study boat plans you would like in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS BOX you will find on the order form.  FREE  e-BOOK .. BUILD YOUR OWN SAILBOAT boatbuilding e-book will be included FREE with your study boat plans on DOWNLOAD or on CD - YOU CHOOSE DOWNLOAD OR CD. . .
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Several hundred of this design have been completed and are in service around the world. Many Roberts 36's have made complete circumnavigation, countless ocean crossings are on record. This is a well proven design.
Hi Bruce, 

I understand you met a good friend of mine recently at the Miami Boat  Show...Jim Bowe from Daytona Beach. He crewed with Lynn and me on the Bermuda-Azore leg in 1999. He is a good racing sailor as well. Our best day  run was 166nm with his help. Ppalu is in storage at the moment on the Magra river in northern Italy, where  we will return in May to continue our Med cruise. Our 36' has done everything we had hoped for in a cruising vessel and more.  We have had our dreams fullfilled with your boat and books and we continue to promote Bruce Goodson whenever we can....also say hello to  All the best,  Don Reynolds