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ROBERTS 281  Canoe Stern - Fiberglass

For those of you that are looking for the sea going qualities of a canoe stern then this is the design for you. The R281 design was prepared for those people who are looking for a modern, high performance cruising boat that is based on the traditional Scottish fishing vessel. This strong, sea-worthy, double-ender is available with a full keel and the sloop rig makes for easy short hand sailing. Two accommodation layouts are provided, one for the aft cockpit version and one for the Pilothouse version. More information on this type of design is available by checking the R341.  This design has construction boat plans available in any of the following fibreglass building methods. C-Flex, Airex, Balsa Core or single skin fibreglass.

NEW ! SUPER STUDY boat plans ! ANY THREE STUDY boat plans ON DOWNLOAD or on CD  The study boat plans have lists of materials & equipment etc ... these will be a great help in costing out the completed vessel. Each DOWNLOAD or on CD. Contains - ALL the construction drawings of your choices of ANY THREE STUDY boat plans with up to 25 sheets per plan!  Lists of materials - Technical information - Numerous construction drawings.  You can view & print the drawings in full or in sections.  PLEASE INDICATAMARANE WHICH STUDY boat plans YOU WANT TO ORDER in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS BOX on the ON-LINE-ORDER-FORM  + FREE e-book BUILD YOUR OWN POWERBOAT included on DOWNLOAD or on CD  HUNDREDS OF STEP BY STEP BUILDING PHOTOS ARE INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE. Us $99 - Euro €75  ORDER NOW

L.O.A. 8.60 m 28'   1''
L.W.L. 7.11 m 23'   4"
BEAM 2.95 m 9'   8"
DRAFT 1.39 m 4'   7"
BALLAST 1730 kg 3800 lb
DISPLACEMENT 4190 kg 9219 lb
AUX. PWR   20  hp
D/L RATIO   324

ROBERTS 281 Version A

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ROBERTS 281 Version B

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