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Bruce Roberts-Goodson


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Illustrated Custom Boatbuilding.
We recommend that you read this hardcover book - We will even give you a free copy - all you have to do is to pay the postage.

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NEW ! SUPER STUDY BOAT PLANS ... Delivered by DOWNLOAD to your computer.
The study plans have lists of materials & equipment etc & these will be useful in costing out the complete boat. Each STUDY PLAN contains ALL the construction drawings for each material - STEEL, ALUMINUM, FIBERGLASS & WOOD EPOXY as applicable to the particular boat plan - with up to 25 sheets per plan!  Lists of materials - Technical information - Numerous construction drawings are all included. You can view & print the drawings in full or in sections. BUILDING PHOTOS are included in the study plan package. PLUS you receive a FREE (value 79.95) e-book BUILD YOUR OWN BOAT ..  

STUDY PLAN TY41-TY43 $99.95 - 59.95 - €75.50     



Delivered by DOWNLOAD to your computer plus we will send you a USB Memory stick with many extra drawings and photos.  The plans have all the information you need to build your own boat.

Each plan contains all the construction drawings for STEEL or ALUMINUM construction, plus bonus drawings covering electrical, plumbing and engineering, everything you need to build your boat. Plus you will receive a DETAIL FOLIO showing how to make many of your own boat fittings, lists of materials and equipment are all included plus all technical information, numerous construction drawings and written building instructions are all included. You can view & print the drawings in full or in sections. BUILDING PHOTOS are included in the plan package. PLUS you receive a FREE (value 79.95) e-book BUILD YOUR OWN POWER BOAT .. Only available at this price if you order off this page.

PLANS & CUTTING FILES  STEEL OR ALUMINUM TY 43  585 - $875 - €925     



Two separate cabins with double berths and a generous salon area make this kit ideal for the Live-aboard's long distance cruiser. As with all our kits, framing is simple and the plates are designed to literally wrap themselves around the hull. Power requirements are single 120 hp for a 6 to 8 kt cruising speed. A study plan set consisting of  plan, profile and accommodation to scale plus sample exploded parts drawings are available.

L.O.A. 13.35 m 43'   10"
L.W.L. 11.17 m 38'   09"
BEAM 4.57 m 15'   00"
DRAFT 1.22 m 4'   00"
DISPLACEMENT 19,898 kg 43,867 lb
WP AREA 34.84 sq m 375 sq ft
BLOCK .475
Trans. RMPD 5852.2 ft lb
Longl. RMPD 3914.5 ft lb
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ABOVE: Pilot house and Saloon versions A and B
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ABOVE: Lower accommodation Version A


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KIT or boat plans & Cutting Files

Main deck - salon etc. Other layouts possible. Give us some thoughts  on YOUR arrangement.

Accommodation deck & engine room.  
Other layouts possible Give us some thoughts on YOUR arrangement.



NEW alternate layout.

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Passagemaker Trawler 43

KIT or boat plans & Cutting Files

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Passagemaker Trawler 43

KIT or boat plans & Cutting Files

Hi Bruce,  Thought I would e-mail you a couple of pictures of Dan's 43' Voyager. Things are going pretty well, and should be setting side shell later this week. Will be setting keel and rudder tomorrow. Altogether we have about 60 hours in at this point, not bad considering we only have had 1 man working steady on it!!  Rumor has it there is a 57' possibly looking for a construction site from Colorado. We are having so much fun we'd love to build some more!!! Could you add us to your Metal Boat newsletter as a West Coast assembly company??? It would be great if you could. Well, Bye for now, back to welding!

Hi Bruce. Thanks for letting us know about the pictures on your web site. They look great and are quite similar to our present stage. We have just finished painting the engine room, installing the custom fuel tanks and are putting lead in the keel, then the engine goes in. From there we will build upward (we felt tanks and engine needed to be installed first). Anyway its going well. Often times it is slow, and then we seem to make great leaps and bounds. Overall we are very happy to date with the project. The boat should be at an extremely fun stage by then as the interior goes together. I will send you photos sometime down the road.  I will keep you posted. Take Care and we'll talk again soon. Fondly, Maggie

Subject: RE: TY43  From: David C. Munro

Hi Bart,I saw the new photo's this morning, the last being of the bow bulb. The whole project is a credit to the professional skills of you and your team. It is also a great way of advertising; one good picture is worth a thousand words. Glad to see more work is headed your way. I am awaiting the outline plans for a TY60 to consider what we are doing. Wish you were just down the road! For ocean work the full displacement trawler yacht appears to be the way to go for us. The Pacific is terrific, but a long way from anywhere if you are in a tom thumb with large waves....Your threesome must be working long hours. I will follow your TY43 and later the TY60 with continuing interest. And when you finish the TY53, please go out and have a Foster's in the knowledge that down under at the same time someone is saluting your construction crew for a job well done.My engineering friend on reviewing your photo's also made the interesting comment that your worksite is always clean and safe - another sign of good management and training. Regards David

Subject: Re: TY43
Actually, we only have 3 persons dedicated to this project, (1) fitter (my brother), and two very good welders. We have a general labor person help out from time to time. The Owner will be doing the fit-out as far as interior etc., but we are doing the engine installations, engineroom piping etc., and tankage. We also are installing all of the doors and widows. Salon area to be fit up starting today..should have a complete shell up by end of week.   Bart S

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