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Bruce Roberts-Goodson

Illustrated Custom Boatbuilding.
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Wood Epoxy V 600 was built by Nazli & Yildirim Beyazit Usta in Turkey who writes "

Built in Turkey who have written to us with this sailing report:
" Average speed is 9.3 knots with the motor or sail & it is very easy to handle while cruising and very very smooth.

We are often complimented by other people on how she glides through the water

We only have to make very fine  adjustments while steering.  Our Voyager 600 is now a very successful charter boat in Turkey "



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NEW ! SUPER STUDY BOAT PLANS ... Delivered by DOWNLOAD to your computer. The study plans have lists of materials & equipment etc & these will be useful in costing out the complete boat.

Each STUDY PLAN contains ALL the construction drawings for each material -  WOOD EPOXY as applicable to the particular boat plan - with up to 25 sheets per plan!  Lists of materials - Technical information - Numerous construction drawings are all included. You can view & print the drawings in full or in sections.

BUILDING PHOTOS are included in the study plan package. PLUS you receive a FREE ( VALUE 69.00 ) e-book BUILD YOUR OWN BOAT ..Please note that when you receive your credit or debit card statement the amount will be converted to YOUR local currency. STEP BY STEP ASSEMBLY PHOTOS INCLUDED WITH THE STUDY PLANS & COMPLETE PLANS





VOYAGER 543 + V600



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WOOD EPOXY boat plans & FSP ... This boat will be available as a CUSTOM DESIGN for building in Steel or Fiberglass. Contact BRUCE for details.

This is one big robust world cruiser ! Based on the well proven Roberts 532 (many sailing world-wide) was used as the basis of this new design. Already several steel versions of the sister design the Voyager 542's have been completed and are sailing world wide,

L.O.D. 18.28 m 60'   0"
L.W.L. 15.93 m 52'   3"
BEAM 5.49 m 18'   0"
DRAFT 2.29 m 7'  6"

Nazli & Yildirim Beyazit Usta are getting on
 with the construction of their Voyager 600


Dear Bruce,  

Thank you for sending the new agreement and letting us know of the time schedule for the boat plans and patterns to be completed.  We are very excited about the general arrangement.

We also wanted to especially thank you for your patience and understanding through the design process.

You should know that this boat has been a dream of my father for a very long time and we are very thankful to you for helping us to realize this dream. The general arrangement of the boat, which you have spent so much time on, is exactly how we dreamed this boat would be and we really appreciate your willingness and kindness to accommodate all our wishes.

We are looking forward to seeing the final of the general arrangement. We hope that you won't hesitate to ask us any questions that might rise during the completion of the drawings.

Thank you very much. Nazli and Yildirim Beyazit Usta


Note the sleek low profile of this Wood Epoxy V 600 was built by Nazli and Yildirim Beyazit Usta in Turkey.


Featuring Roberts Contemporary long keel this Wood Epoxy V 600 was built by Nazli and Yildirim Beyazit Usta in Turkey.


Here we see the beautiful finish of this Wood Epoxy V 600 was built by Nazli and Yildirim Beyazit Usta in Turkey.


There is lots of open deck space on this Wood Epoxy V 600 was built by Nazli and Yildirim Beyazit Usta in Turkey.


Awesome Bruce,  

I got all the emails and i am downloading all the files. Thank you very much for your prompt reply's and service. I am getting excited about starting the project. 

When i was a kid i always would study your sailboat plans and built a 15’ sailboat from one of your plans i ordered back in the late 70’s when i was 12 years old!

You were always a great inspiration to me and gave me hope that a poor farm kid really could build his own boat and sail around the world. Rob

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Cockpit area of similar Voyager

Quick note regarding the V542 / V 544  aluminum for Gordon Hellman. Had a chat with Manfred Kanter jr who’s yard is assembling the hull for Gordon.  They are VERY pleased with the ease of assembly, the marking and the fairness of the STEEL OR ALUMINUM PLANS & CUTTING FILES.!  The boat now is all closed up, awaiting rudder & chainplate install, and finally windows & hatches.   My correspondence with Manfred indiCATAMARANes they started late june/early jul actually assembling the STEEL OR ALUMINUM PLANS & CUTTING FILES, so theyre moving right along..!

Similar design Voyager 542 in Italy



Forward double cabin

LONG-KEEL.jpg (9174 bytes)

MODERN LONG KEELS: Above is shown the long keel design for the Voyager 600. This keel has been developed over the past 30 years and benefits from our own experience & the hundreds of reports from owners of Roberts designed boats plus the use of advanced computer design techniques.

SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER: COMPLETE BOAT PLANS & FULL SIZE FRAME PATTERNS ... Delivered by DOWNLOAD to your computer within 12 hours of you placing your order.  The plans have all the information you need to build your own boat.. Each plan contains all the construction drawings for WOOD EPOXY construction, plus bonus drawings covering electrical, plumbing and engineering, everything you need to build your boat.

Plus you will receive a DETAIL FOLIO showing how to make many of your own boat fittings, lists of materials and equipment are all included plus all technical information, numerous construction drawings and written building instructions are all included.

You can view & print the drawings in full or in sections. BUILDING PHOTOS are included in the plan package. PLUS you receive a FREE ( VALUE 69.00 ) e-book BUILD YOUR OWN SAILBOAT .. Only available at this price if you order off this page.




1,995 - €2,295 - $2,495






VOYAGER 542 - USA - 25th AUGUST 2007

Hi Bruce,  Attached are 2 more photos of my V542, as of Jul 29  (last month).  we're currently working on putting the radius plates in place.

We've been very happy with how the STEEL OR ALUMINUM PLANS & CUTTING FILES comes together and your quick replies to my email questions. Regards,  Manuel


Hi Bruce. Hope you are well. We have spoken to numerous people who are interested and some have cruised with us to evaluate. Had a look at Tim Christensen in Sidney and your new TRAWLER YACHT 55. Looks great. The STEEL OR ALUMINUM PLANS & CUTTING FILES you supplied is fitting great. Only way to go. On "Western Grace" we offer Private Charters or Join A Group trips in BC Canada and Mexico, and offshore passages of 1-3 weeks, Mexico to Hawaii, Hawaii to Victoria BC, Victoria to California, and California to Mexico.”

Another year has gone by. Western Grace is now on here 4th voyage down South and we have now 43000 NM ( In 3.5 years) under the keel. Needles to say we are now even more confident about her than ever. As we run a charter operation we are very much on a schedule and this means we need a all weather vessel what can take some punishment. The 532 is certainly the vessel for the job. By all standards we are a very heavy vessel but very comfortable. This spring on the passage from Hawaii to Victoria we encountered a full Gale of 55 Kts for about 24 hrs. Behind the low a secondary low formed, a small weather bomb. Around noon the barometer was at 1008 MB and be 2300 hrs 985. (45 KTS) Within 30 minutes down to 980 MB and winds of 75 KTS. Needles to say a bit of a ride but we all did stay dry and warm in the pilot house. By daylight seas where about 33' and breaking over the deck. A few grandaddies shook us up as we where a few time clobbered and had tons of water over the decks.

We sustained some damage as the dodger blew to pieces and the stay sail ripped to shreds due to the traveller car ripping of the track. This was all equipment failure but the vessel it self came through with flying colors. On our return in Canada we learned that a older fiberglass sailing vessel who was within 20 miles of us during the worst of it suffered hull damage (tin canned) hull.

So if anyone who is  considering serious offshore sailing we feel a moderate displacement steel vessel is the only way to go. The combination of a properly designed vessel like the 532 combined with a skilled builder like Tim Christensen will result in a strong, safe and magnificent good looking vessel. Top quality metal vessels retain there value as well. By the way when we departed Sidney (Vancouver Island) we went to see the new trawler Tim is constructing from one of your STEEL OR ALUMINUM PLANS & CUTTING FILES. Everything seems to be fitting well and the time savings are significant. Building from a STEEL OR ALUMINUM PLANS & CUTTING FILES is the only way to go. Till next time,   Joanne & John Van Strien  SV Western Grace


I reviewed the web page showing some of the details of SV WESTERN GRACE. (Voyager 542 / Roberts 532) I recently chartered a cabin on this vessel while in Alaska. The boat is absolutely divine! The design is awesome and the performance is superior. Under sail in a mild breeze (20kts or so) we made 6 kts going wing and wing. I sailed the boat and she handles like a dream. Western Grace is truly a showpiece of a vessel & Christensen Yachts LTD Sidney British Columbia (Vancouver Island) Canada did a top notch job in building her. Sincerely Randy Murrah Joshua, TX

Hi Bruce, Western Grace ( R542 / V542 ) is a amazing vessel and we learn every day more about her. We have  now 10,800 NM under the keel since June 2002,  and cruised in all kinds of weather, and are totally happy with the design & performance. We sailed in Ice conditions as well as the tropics and feel safe in any condition.

The most weather experienced so far was 50 Kts for a 20 hour period in the Gulf of Tehuantepec of the Pacific Coast of  Mexico. We were running about 100 miles offshore and made a steady 7 Kts close reach under Staysail and a bikini size piece of Genoa. The boat was well balanced in fact so that we turned of the autopilot. She maintained a steady course throughout with a lot less strain on the rigging than when steered by autopilot. In all this we sat dry inside the pilot house watching the decks going awash from time to time. Waves were steep as there was a large current.

Another time in Costa Rica we had a couple onboard evaluating the design and encountered Papagayo's wind of 40 Kts in the Gulf of Nicoya. Needles to say that Western Grace excels in these conditions and under foresail alone is quit manoeuvrable and fast. They were impressed and since ordered the boat plans and  commissioned a smaller version of the 532/4.

Her manoeuvrability is not limited  to under sail conditions alone as we are quite capable manoeuvring her in closed quarters. She backs up with no problem despite her modified full keel, thanks to the enlarged counter balanced rudder.

A heavy all weather vessel like the R532/ V542 does not have to be a slug either. Most cruiser are looking for a weather window with light conditions, while we take it as it comes and have no trouble in 30 or 40 Kts and have a great sail. We just set a 24 hour record of the coast of Costa Rica of 203 NM in a 24 hour period.

Bruce the 532/4 is a truly remarkable vessel and we can recommend the design for everyone who looks for a beautiful looking, safe, comfortable proven all weather cruiser. Thanks again for a great design. Regards John & Joanne Van Strien SV Western G

Dear Bruce: 
I reviewed the web page showing some of the details of SV WESTERN GRACE. (Voyager 542 / Roberts 532)  I recently chartered a cabin on this vessel while in Alaska.  The boat is absolutely divine!  The design is awesome and the performance is superior.  Under sail in a mild breeze (20kts or so) we made 6 kts going wing and wing.  I sailed the boat and she handles like a dream.  Western Grace is truly a showpiece of a vessel & Christenson Yachts Ltd Sidney British Columbia (Vancouver Island) Canada did a top notch job in building her.  Sincerely Randy Murrah Joshua, TX

Hello Bruce - I happened onto "Western Grace" in Campbell River, BC yesterday - you need to see the exterior finish, and attention to detail on the deck of this boat!  - stainless steel inserts where ever a screw goes into the hull - inset windows (now I see why you promote them) - the best thought out combination of bulwarks, chocks and cleats I've ever seen - bulwark design also makes the railing/stanchion incredibly straight forward - engine air intake, tank vents, fills, and power connections well located and concealed - wide 45 degree intersections at the cabin top/side joint (you know, you could easily incorporate that feature into your STEEL OR ALUMINUM PLANS & CUTTING FILES hulls, and make them really stand out). The exterior simply has incredible details that should be on your site - and a level of finish that leaves you trying to figure out what the boat is made of.  The inside finish is also superb, the various installations well thought out and executed.

I realize there is a web link to Western Grace from your site, but it does not show the awesome details incorporated into this boat. This is a poster boat for both your designs, and steel sailboats in general - if you ever get a chance to inspect it, take your camera!  Norm Facey

Hi Bruce, Greetings from Alaska. We have sailed (mainly powered) Western Grace to Alaska from Victoria. We logged 1600 nm. The boat performs awesome and we are very please with the performance under power. Our average fuel use has been 1 litre per hour or about 5,5 litres per hour at 6 KTS including heater and gen-set. We found that she handles very good and we have full control over the vessel in reverse despite her modified full keel. We have increased the rudder somewhat by adding a counter balance of about 5 ". This works very well.

We have seen you are thinking off redesigning your Roberts 532 as the VOYAGER 542 . As far as we can see the hull is fine. The only things you can possible incorporate in your STEEL OR ALUMINUM PLANS & CUTTING FILES/designs is some changes in the deck plan finish. Western Grace is a custom version and the builder has come up with some nice addition to boat plans. We have opted for 4 pilot house windows mainly out of strength concerns but also for looks. We find the vessel looks a lot larger because of it. A good example in reverse is the Grand Banks. Some of the larger Grand banks look from a distance smaller that they are because of using to large of windows.( just a observation)

We are very proud of this vessel and believe we can be a rep for your company by showing the vessel to potential builders and possible taken them for a cruise. The vessel is a real head turner and we have met on our travels several very interested parties who want to build there own version. Our web site does not do the vessel justice and we will send you some pictures on disk if you are interested. We look forward hearing from you. Regards John Van Strien