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Bruce Roberts-Goodson

Illustrated Custom Boatbuilding.
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The happy day ! - Launching of Mike SHARP's  SPRAY TY 475.  
 This RADIUS CHINE   Spray trawler was built from one of our kits.

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SPRAY 475  - ' Passage-making' Trawler.

The Spray is a well proven hull type suitable for both sail and power options. Over the past 30 years several Spray's have already been built as successful trawlers and fishing boats. The radius chine building technique is well proven and offers the added attraction of a beautiful round bilge hull and is an ideal hull form for offshore trawlers. 

Combine the Spray with the radius chine building method and you have something special.  Here are a couple of examples of what we have in mind. The sailboats are available as all Steel KITS and the Trawler version has a combination a steel hull with aluminum superstructure.


L.O.A. 20.24  m 50'   0"
L.O.D 14.53  m 47'   8"
L.W.L. 12.19  m 40'   0"
BEAM 4.47  m 20'   0"



SPRAY 475 TRAWLER  ... Built in Turkey... Latest email July 2008

Attached are the latest of KARA1.  I'm not sure whether they qualify for your e-book but they sure will qualify for the purpose she was built for. Thank you again on behalf of my friends. They appreciate every minute of their time spent on KARA1. They keep telling me '' THE BEST BOAT ON EARTH IS THE BOAT OF A FRIEND '' Best Regards Erhan KUM

SPRAY 475  
Passage-making Trawler ( Modified version )

The way the kit this boat is designed it is possible to loCATAMARANe the superstructure in several different locations - As you Erhan wanted a large aft deck area so he moved the pilot house and deck salon forward towards the bow.


Hi Bruce Yesterday we baptised KARA and set her free. Attached are just a few pics and the DOWNLOAD or on USB
. . .
will follow. I just can not express the joy and happiness. Thank you.  Which address should I send the DOWNLOAD or on USB
. . .
.   Erhan KUM


I am really sorry I could not inform you about the maiden voyage we made with KARA. On the 18th of May at 08:00 we took off from istanbul-Burgazada and headed to Sarkoy which is right accross tha Marmara and about 92 Nm.

We sailed with 2000 Rpm and averaged 9 Nm/hour. Second day as we went through the Dardanels and to the open sea ( Agean ) the weather and the seas got rough but who cares. She dances over the the first wave like a ballerina and having the 420 hps behind dives straight into the coming wave.

We have not dropped or broken any glassware all thorough the trip. The third and the fourth days were calm and we tested her on various aspects. The whole trip was 300 Nms and we clicked 37 engine ours and 800 litres of fuel. I think when everything gets into gear we will be able to sail her on 16 to 18 litres per hour with an 8 Nm. speed.

By the way under 2300 Rpms she registered 14.5 Nms ( About 11 knots which is the expected hull speed )  Right now we are still working on her and as she will be ready for sailing I will send you some interior pics as well. Attached are just some more pics of her and son.
Regards KUM

SPRAY 475  Passage-making Trawler

JULY 7th 2009  Dear Bruce, This is (Attached pictures) as close as I could get to KARA 1 this year. Right now I am in the middle of Asia, Almaty-Kazakhstan and working to cover her expenses. Hopefully I will get a break in October and enjoy the murmurs of the twin Cummins 210. Apart from my work schedule things are well, and KARA 1 is at good hands. She is in tip top condition and so far friends are enjoying short cruises.
No complaints whatsoever. Best Regards
Erhan KUM

SPRAY 475  
Passage-making Trawler

Profile view of the Spray 475 Passagemaking Trawler Yacht

SPRAY 475  
Passage-making Trawler

Plan view of the deck and pilot house layout of the Spray 475 Passagemaking Trawler Yacht

Here see the S475 TY being moved to the location
where the painting and fitting out will be completed.


SPRAY 475  
Passage-making Trawler

The photo shows the bottom plates in position on the jig and the first few stringers webs and stringers are in place. This kit was supplied by Bruce Roberts and delivered to the builder in Seattle USA




SPRAY 475  
Passage-making Trawler

Hi Bruce, Things are going great! The "KARA" is coming together by the day, and is she going to be beautiful or what. The engines are placed and the screws  are due to be delivered on site tomorrow and as you see from the pics we are isolating her completely with A-60. Alongside the electric and plumbing works are coming nicely. Thanks and regards. Erhan KUM



SPRAY 475  
Passage-making Trawler

Erhan KUM shows just what a great job can be done on the finish of this radius chine hull.

Hi Bruce,   I think I have been a little late sending the pictures to you. Sorry. 

We sailed in Gokova for three weeks while Burkut ( my son ) was attending his first sailing school at the Gokova Sailing Club.

We had a wonderful trip and no regrets whatsoever for choosing and building your 475 TY. KARA 1 is just the boat I dreamt for and for three days 14 (fourteen) of us lived

aboard with no problems.  Thanks again BRUCE!!!!!!

P.S Some friends of mine are seriously thinking of building their own family cruisers and I suggested them your Coastworker 35/37 and Euro 1000 Coastworker designs. As I am part of the BRUCE ROBERTS club

SPRAY 475  
Passage-making Trawler

The photo shows the hull plating completed and the transom installed.  This work goes quite quickly due to the accuracy of the plates and clear marking with reference lines and numbers making the installation simple.

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