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Bruce Roberts-Goodson

Illustrated Custom Boatbuilding.
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ROBERTS 370 - MULTI CHINE version built in Norway.

ROBERTS 370 - WOOD EPOXY  built in Australia.

Hi Bruce, Firstly the boat has given us a great deal of pleasure and yes she sails very well. Our first real shake down cruise was a trip accross the gulf in conditions which  were forcast to be 25 to 30 knots.  we very soon after found that the conditions were not as to be expected.  the majority of the trip was in conditions of 35 to 40 knots blowing from the SE on our port stern quarter.

She really powered along with no vices at all.  The depth soon shallowed as expected so were surfing 2.5 to 3 mtr waves.  when we reached our destination it was just to risky to attempt to anchor in the haven we wanted so went back to sea and spent the night riding it out.  Her performance was very impressive. Thank you for a great boat,  Graham and Shirley.


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ROBERTS 370   Fiberglass - Steel - Aluminum -Wood / Epoxy
Such has been the response to this design that boat plans for it's construction are available in steel, aluminum, FIBREGLASS and Wood Epoxy. There is also the choice of constructing the hull in either radius chine, multi chine or round bilge.

Designed as a performance cruiser, this boat has proven itself both in club racing and long distance cruising. Over 500 Roberts 370's have already been completed and several have sailed around the world.

There are several versions of this design as you will notice below. Besides giving you the choice of building this design in either an aft cockpit, center cockpit or pilot house configuration you may also chose between a cutter, sloop or ketch rig.  She has proven to perform well with either sailplan. There are several shoal draft and deep keel options to choose from as well.

L.O.A 11.32 m 37'    2"
L.W.L 9.66 m 31'    8"
BEAM 3.76 m 12'    4"
DRAFT Shallow 1.45 m 4'    9"
  Deep 1.98 m 6'    6"
DISPLACEMENT 8,512 kg 18,750 lb
BALLAST 3,632kg 8,000 lb
AUX. PWR   20 TO 33 hp


This boat was built in Turkey and you can see that the builder did a nice job of building from our boat plans and frame patterns.


Another view of this boat built in Turkey


R370-NEW-ACCOM.jpg (30149 bytes)


accommodation plan of the boat shown above



There are several alternate sail boat plans including sloop (shown) or ketch or cutter etc.


One of several possible layouts is shown here; all layouts are shown in the boat plans and study boat plans.


You probably have enough of this model but thought I would offer your design Roberts 370. My name is Oddvar Anfinset.  The photo was taken in Gothenburg Harbour Sweden.

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Will Smith Custom Roberts 370 - Dinette in Pilot house

WILL SMITH - 3.jpg (31059 bytes)

Roberts 370 version - Inspired by our customer Will Smith - STEEL OR ALUMINUM PLANS & CUTTING FILES can be customized too !

R370C-YUGO.jpg (30903 bytes)


Here is one of Your 370Cs near the Adriatic coast (Croatia). Since You were so nice to re-send me "The metal boats", I decided to Thank You with the picture I really like. She has a registered top speed of 12 kts, and has been built in Zagreb, Croatia eight years ago.  Best regards, J. Palcic

Dear Bruce,  I  am glad to communicate you in case of the 20-th anniversary of  my HELIOS – Robert's 370 launching - June 22, 1993. It was a great adventure to build myself such a boat, and it is still a great pleasure to sail it. In the past 20 years we had lot of traveling at Adriatic sea and Mediterranean, but didn't realized my initial goal – around the world trip, due to the crazy war in Croatia.

Your design is really GREAT, and I would reccomend it to anyone dreaming to sail !

Included are some photos – from the beginning, up to present days. Would be very glad to offer you a sailing trip around Dalmatiam coast. Many thanks & best wishes to you - on the land and at the sea !  Sincerely :  Konstantin Kostov, sculptor Sibenska 9j, 23000 Zadar Croatia

R370d2.JPG (19406 bytes)


This pilot house version also available as a pre-cut STEEL OR ALUMINUM PLANS & CUTTING FILES


r370d-3.jpg (21586 bytes)


Note the different keel options shown in the drawing on left.



The Roberts safety skeg is designed to take the best features from the LONG FIN / SKEG combination and add a SAFETY FACTOR.  Many of you may be aware that skegs in general are vulnerable to damage so here is our answer to this problem. EMAIL Bruce to more details of this development.


R370-NEW-ACCOM.jpg (30149 bytes) ROBERTS 370 A

accommodation plan of the boat shown above


Roberts 370 E

This Radius Chine, Aluminum Roberts 370 E was built in Australia