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Bruce Roberts-Goodson


Illustrated Custom Boatbuilding.
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Over the past few years we have assisted many of our builders to sell their either part built or completed boats that they have built

from our plans.  Maintaining our 800 page web site is an expensive operation, plus we advertise on Google and other media to drive

prospective customers to our web site ... I have to say we are very successful in this regard and we have several hundred people visit

our site every DAY!!!

The reasons for you wanting to sell you part-built or complete boat may vary including:

1.Already completed the boat and now been cruising for a few years and want to move back ashore.

2. Have completed the boat but want to build larger, smaller, different type of boat.

3. Have not completed the boat but circumstances have changed so need to sell the incomplete boat and 'move on'.

We have helped hundreds of our builders sell their boats through our web site so we have a proven track record in this regard.


We load the photographs, description, price and contact information that you send us and create a listing and install this on to the

BROKERAGE PAGE on our web site.  All potential customers are directed directly to yourself and the listing stays on our web site until

you advise us that your part built or complete boat is sold.  We charge  395.00 and all have to do is to order the service is to


EMAIL BRUCE with all the details and photos for your listing.




To order EMAIL BRUCE and we will send you a PayPal invoice

your boat for sale on our BROKERAGE section of our web site.