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Bruce Roberts-Goodson


Hal Whitacre &
Tammy Journigan Whitacre


Hal Whitacre:

Great news ! ... Hal Whitacre is returning to once again operate Bruce Roberts USA office, as he did previously for more than 16 years.  During the last 14 months Hal was serving as the chief naval architect and chief engineer for one of highest tech boat builders in the world.  This experience  will bring a refreshing approach to the collaboration with Bruce Roberts and Hal will be available to help the US customers in selecting their next boat project.

Hal’s return will allow Bruce Roberts to provide additional naval architectural support and calculations such as ISO/CE approval, powering and propeller calculations and structural work – in any material, including carbon fiber.  Hal will be providing sales and engineering support to the Bruce Roberts US and Canadian customers while collaborating with Bruce on the development of new plans and kits.

Hals presence also brings additional expertise and additional affordable custom design work. Power or sail – Monohulls, Power and Sailing Cats or Trimarans – With Hals expertise we will be able to provide affordable custom designs, construction plans, engineering drawings and extensive calculations; for either amateur building or professional construction.

Assisting in the marketing and sales support of Bruce Roberts USA will be Tammy Journigan Whitacre.  Tammy has 15+ years of customer service background in the motorsports industry – she is no stranger to high performance.

Hal writes ... We are excited to be back with Bruce and to serve the US and Canadian customers in the same manner we did for the previous 16 years.

CONTACT Hal:  Telephone:  410-279-2525  Email: